We want your business!

Things that make us awesome:

  • Low minimums - 24 shirts that’s it. Most companies want 48 or 72, just give us 24.

  • Fast Turnarounds - we are fast. Our standard answer is 3 to 7 days. We do our best to get your orders to you as fast as we can. If 3 days is not fast enough, we have 48 hr and 24 hr rush service available.

  • Quality Ink - we use Wilflex. What does that mean to you, well we can offer a full range of PMS colors in Wilflex’s one of a kind mixing system. You need a PMS color, pick one, we can mix it.

  • Quality equipment - we have a lot of it. Hopefully by now you have checked out our equipment page. We love M&R, we love them so much we have 4 and the I-imager. So no worries on getting your order out!

  • Dependable - you know it! We pride ourselves on getting your order out on time. If you can’t tell your customer that they will have their order in time for their event and mean it, then what good are we to you.

  • Shipping options - we have a bunch. Along with all of the UPS options, we offer shipping directly to you. Shipping blind to your customer so they will never know we printed your order. We can ship on our account with special shipping rates or even bill 3rd party directly to your UPS account.

  • We have competitive pricing. We have a 3 tier pricing system, the more you print with us, the more money you will save on your printing.

  • Customer Service - we have that! Call, email, fax, snail mail or carrier pigeon we have someone here to talk to you. Do you want to talk to the big boss, you can even get him on the phone too. Shocker, we know.

  • Longevity - this means we are old. We have been doing this a long time so we KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING!

Extra services that we offer:

  • Fold & Polybag

  • Apply Hangtags

  • Roll & Rubberband

  • Specialty Inks - ultra glitter, crystalina, glow, puff

How our contract printing works!

You will work with your customer on pricing, quantity, sizes and design. If you have a graphic artist, you are ahead of the game, if not you can work with our designer to complete your customers artwork. Please contact us for custom quotes on graphic design.

Once you have your order ready for printing, we suggest that you order printables from a distributor that is 1day ship from our location. Our usual distributors are: Staton Wholesale, Alpha Broder, SanMar and S&S Activewear. If you prefer that we order the pritables, that’s OK too. Have your printables shipped to us, we suggest that you use your company name with our address when listing your shipping address.

Things we will need from you:

  • Artwork (if you are supplying) in Adobe Illustrator .ai, an .eps or vector .pdf format.

  • Purchase Order listing : Shirt brands, styles, colors, sizes, print locations, ink colors, shipping info and due dates. Basically everything we will need to know.

  • Copy of the shirt order confirmation from your printables supplier so we know what will be coming in and where it is coming from.

When we have all of your job info, we will send you a proof sheet that will list all information and we will ask you to double check and approve. When your order arrives, we count in each and every shirt to ensure that your customer will have every item they ordered. Then its off to printing. After printing we will prepare your order for shipping and send it out. We offer different shipping options so that you can pick the one that is right for you. All of your tracking numbers will be listed on your invoice so you will be able to track your packages and know when your customer received them.

Billing… You will be billed as soon as the order is complete, no waiting around to find out how much you profited on a job. We can hold your credit card on file or you can request 30day credit terms and supply us with needed information. Simple as that. :)