Screen Printing…

…is what we do best. With 35+ years of experience and two generations of screen printers we have seen it all and probably printed it all. We love our job and have enjoyed perfecting our craft over the years.

 …is a competitive business. We have been around so long that we have seen others come and go, but we are here for the long run. Take a look at our competitors, but come back to the quality and turnaround that we offer.

…production can be a tricky thing. With jobs being in different stages all the time, schedules begin to look a little crazed. We stick to our schedule! If we tell you your job will be ready, then it will be ready, no excuses.


Well that’s not that easy to figure :)

Pricing is based on a bunch of different variables. We need to know a few things to give you the best possible price.

  • Quantity?

How many shirts do you need? Like with most things, the more you get the cheaper the price. It takes us the same amount of time to set up for 24 shirts as it does for 24,000 shirts. We only make money when the machines are printing, so after 24 shirts we are making money and we like that a lot. If we are making money, we can save you money. We have price breaks at 48, 72, 144, 250, 500, 1000 and so on.

  • Print Locations?

How many places on the shirt do you want printed? Front, Back, on a Pocket, above a Pocket, on the sleeve. You have plenty of options, but of course the more you pick the more we have to charge.

  • Print Colors?

How many colors would you like? We can print up to 10 colors per location. We don’t think you need that many but we can offer it. Like with the locations, the more you pick, the higher the pricing. We have a few tricks in our bag so we can help you get the best look with the fewest colors.

  • Shirt Brand / Style?

What type of shirt do you like? Do you prefer standard cotton, a soft ring-spun feel, or are the tri-blends the one you want. Do you want short sleeve or long sleeves? Pocket? V-neck? Fleece? Hoodie? These are all major options that you can choose from and all will adjust the price.



Need a custom Quote?

If you need advertising for your company, have an event coming up or have a new clothing line in mind, contact us for a custom quote.

Things you might need to know:

  • We have a minimum order of 24 shirts on simple 1 to 2 color designs and 36 shirts on more complicated orders.

  • We like to get orders printed as fast as possible. Our standard answer for a time frame is 1 to 1.5 weeks if you need artwork. Check with us for our schedule.